About Us

The Washington College Republican Federation (WCRF) proudly serves as a resource for all College and High School Republican Chapters across the Evergreen State. Our Executive Board continuously works to bring new resources to our established chapters, create successful new chapters, and work alongside the Washington State Republican Party and College Republican National Committee to foster a more unified and proud young conservative voice in Washington. The WCRF hosts multiple conferences throughout the year that bring together College Republicans. Check our Conference Page for the next upcoming Conference. Can’t attend a conference? No problem, let us come to you. Click here to schedule a Chapter meet-up with one of the Executive Board Members.

We appreciate your interest in College Republicans but this is only the first step. the future and direction of our State depends on each and everyone of us. If you are a student click here to start or join a College Republican Chapter. If you are a supporter, your financial contribution is greatly appreciated and needed, click here to donate. Together we are working towards a better Washington!

Mission Statement

The Washington College Republican Federation exists for three purposes: To encourage, foster, and promote the establishment of College Republican clubs on the campuses of colleges and universities in the state of Washington, and engage the state’s youth in the Republican Party; To provide program suggestions, campaign aids, political education information, and other forms of service and assistance to all WCRF clubs; To advance the principles of the Republican Party and to volunteer for Republican candidates seeking election.